Fuji is the leading brand names in the elevator manufacturing industry and has attained worldwide recognition with the symbolism of innovation and iteration.
As founder and owner, Fuji Elevator (M) Sdn. Bhd. was setup to defined potential parameters of developing new elevator competencies in elevator system for the vertical transportation system. Our manufacturing plant is at SJEC Corporation, Fuji Elevator Japan and Fuji Elevator (M) Sdn. Bhd. with a total investment of USD 8 millions.

With the capacity to design to the client’s needs and manufacture in compliance to requirements, makes Fuji a leading designer and manufacturer of passenger lifts. In addition, Fuji also provides flexible end to end solutions and services in delivering robust and comprehensive design and manufacturing technology.

To ensure a positive impact on diversity and development initiatives, highly skilled and experienced R&D engineers and state of the art precision automation manufacturing equipment plays an important key role in this mission insight.

Similarly stringent quality control is focused, in assure a production of quality and reliable elevator control systems, drive units, elevator parts, components and equipment

A technical support center is conceived, to develop and conduct a series of training courses for all our agents, distributors and dealers. This effort will further enhance support in terms of design and address emerging issues for a more comprehensive solution. Fuji is dedicated in its commitment in delivering the best services available and provides matching the needs and requirement of ideas.